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This website is here to help the people that are amazing growers and can really grow a good crop of weed but struggle when it comes to curing weed.

Below I will explain step by step how to cure weed. No longer will you have to just leave jars open and "burp" jars unknowing what it is actually doing and how long you should be doing it for. Many people leave out the entire marijuana curing process but curing weed is the number one way to ensure quality. I recommend at a minimun that all strains be cured for atleast two weeks. Many strains can be sold right after two weeks of curing and smell dank while others may take up to two months to have the true flavors of the weed come out. This is something worth waiting for my friends.

Step by Step Marijuana curing instructions

  • Dry the marijuana for 3 days at 70 degrees with a relative humitity of 65
  • Purchase a Hygrometer
  • Place the hygrometer in a mason jar half filled with the semi dried weed and place the lid on it.
  • Check the reading an hour later.
  • Your goal is to get the weed to a stable relative humitity of between 60 to 65.
  • Once the weed is stable at 60-65% relative humitity the weed begins the curing process.

Required tools

hygrometer - Check out hygrometer reviews at hygrometer reviews

Mason jars - Check out mason jars at balls mason jars

check out humidifiers here

Optional tools

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About Our Marijuana Curing guide


We wrote this guide to explain to medical marijuana growers and caregivers how to properly cure marijuana.

The key to a good quality medicine is a proper cure. The tobacco farms have a guide. Now it is time for the weed farmers to have a step by step guide. This guide will improve your overall potency, smokeabilty, smell, and look. Ever say to yourself "my weed smells like hay" how do I Fix it? Well the answer is simple. CUring! Ever say to yourself "my weed doesn't look good"? Want to add more crystals to your buds? The answer isn't overpriced fertilizers. Its Curing! But not just curing marijuana will work. You must cure your weed correctly! Enter curingweedguide.com!

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If you have any questions about how to cure weed or you just want to contact uswe are always accepting and answering emails! So don't be shy we are here to answer your questions!

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